Energy transition fund, Eiffel on track to reach €1 billion target

Eiffel Investment Group is on track to reach its fundraising target of €1 billion after the launch of the 3rd phase of the Eiffel Energy Transition infrastructure debt program with an initial closing at €500 million raised from international institutional investors.

Fabrice Dumonteil, President, Eiffel Investment Group

“Since its inception, the Eiffel Energy Transition program has exceeded its objectives, demonstrating its relevance in supporting the immense financing needs of the energy transition,” said Fabrice Dumonteil, president, Eiffel Investment Group. “Today we are fully committed to amplifying our impact in the development of green energy.”

The Eiffel Energy Transition programme, established in 2017 and aimed at financing the construction of green energy production assets and energy efficiency installations, has invested €2 billion over the past seven years to finance over 3,000 renewable energy assets representing a decarbonised electricity production capacity of over 7 GW.

Thanks to the investment programme over 5 million tons of CO2 are avoided annually, Eiffel said, and the equivalent of over 5 million households has been supplied with green electricity.

Eiffel’s intervention typically occurs at the critical starting stage of infrastructure asset construction, when long-term financing is not yet in place. The Eiffel Energy Transition programme thus accelerates electricity decarbonisation. For example, the program has provided €100 million in financing for the construction of a 750 MW solar park in Ireland.

The program also supports French developers internationally, enabling them to accelerate their growth. It has recently financed the construction of ground-mounted solar assets in Portugal for a major French developer.

“The development of the infrastructure needed for decarbonizing our economies and preserving our energy security requires increasingly significant investments,” said Pierre-Antoine Machelon, head of infrastructure, Eiffel Investment Group. “This new fund is a tangible contribution from Eiffel and its investors to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.”

The launch of the third phase of the fund represents a true scaling-up to meet the growing financing needs of the sector. With a target size of €1 billion, Eiffel Energy Transition III is expected to deploy a total investment of €3 billion euros in the coming years to serve the European energy transition. Around twenty large French and international institutional investors have already invested €500 million in the fund, demonstrating their commitment to accelerating the energy transition.

Over the past three years, Eiffel has established a presence in New York, Abu Dhabi, Poland, and most recently in Italy. This international presence allows the group to support energy transition actors in their internationalisation efforts and to expand the group’s institutional client base.