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Real Asset Insight – May/June 2024

Logistics Special

  • Logistics adjusts to new normal after tough 2023
  • Garbe goes beyond warehouses
  • Swiss Life Asset Managers – A strategic response to lack of space in urban centres
  • ESG becomes biggest driver of change
  • INTERVIEW – Where is logistics at? The investment manager’s view


  • Investing in existing property becomes the norm
  • Digital infrastructure & data centres
  • Germany Investment
  • Student accommodation


  • EU accession countries on 20 years of EU membership
  • Iceland – Interview with First Lady Eliza Reid
  • Netherlands – Eindhoven embraces collaboration
  • UK housing

Previous Issues

Real Asset Insight – March 2024

CEO Outlook 2024 – Industry Associations

  • Following our last CEO outlook feature in February and this issue, Real Asset Insight sought the views on the market from the chief executives of the leading European associations in both real estate and infrastructure.

CEO Outlook 2024 – Part 2

  • More insights from real estate leaders in the second part of our 2024 interviews.

Outlook 2024

  • Central & Eastern Europe
  • Key Trends & Opportunities


  • European logistics
  • Offices – WFH and the struggle for balance in post-covid offices
  • Greece bounces back
  • Disneyland Paris prepares for sequel
  • New series – Data uncovered

Real Asset Insight – February 2024

CEO Outlook 2024

  • Last year’s CEO survey was conducted as the markets fought headwinds that looked set to hinder progress. The list has changed little and, if anything, it has grown. Rising interest rates have become high interest rates. And high energy and construction costs, inflation, and national economies with low-to-no growth, remain.The war in Ukraine persists and the geopolitical threat of conflict in the Middle East, and its potential to disrupt supply chains, can be added to the list.

    Our annual survey of real estate chiefs reveals their thoughts on the previous year and what 2024 might hold for markets across Europe.


  • Outlook 2024 – France
  • Outlook 2024 – Germany
  • Outlook 2024 – Italy
  • Debt finance
  • Foreign direct investment

Real Asset Insight – December 2023

CEO Interview

  • Apcoa chief executive Philippe Op de Beeck explains how changing city trends and the drive to net zero are breathing new life into car parks


  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • EXPO Real briefings: Germany; European logistics; Residential; Debt finance; Proptech; Alternative investment; Global capital flows
  • RealFDI: FDI opportunities as tourism industry reignites
  • Sustainable buildings

Plus – Living Retail

  • Proptech: Four solutions for future shopping centre management
  • Ingka Centres outlines its strategy after Brighton acquisition
  • Seville’s new VIA extension

Real Asset Insight – October 2023

CEO Interview

  • Sophie van Oosterom tells Paul Strohm how Schroders Capital has the experience and flexibility to overcome global risks and continue delivering for tenants and investors


  • European logistics
  • CEE Summit
  • Netherlands
  • Virtual logistics
  • EPRA conference


  • Three trends impacting FDI and real estate
  • Holland Metropole
  • Scottish cities
  • Interview – Sergiy Tsivkach, UkraineInvest

Real Asset Insight – July/August 2023

Listed Sector

  • EPRA’s Lourdes Calderón Ruiz  assesses where we are at with global sustainability reporting
  • Interview: Morgan Stanley’s Simon Robson Brown on REITs


  • How Birmingham is tackling its housing shortfall – and is it enough?
  • Stranded assets: Real estate’s €1.5trn timb bomb
  • Navigating complex ESG reporting landscape


  • CEE Summit
  • ULI Europe conference
  • Iberia Summit
  • Future trends: Logistics enters new phase
  • Proptech – Tenant apps
  • Country focus – France
  • European Debt Finance & Investment
  • Senior Housing and Healthcare Association Summit

Real Asset Insight – May/June 2023

Logistics real estate special: Features

  • Can logistics overcome PV challenge?
  • Three markets buck the trend and drive long-term growth
  • Engines of the global economy become beacons for cities and regions
  • How logistics assets can evolve to meet our big challenges
  • Future of logistics is sustainable hubs that support communities

Logistics real estate special: Interview

  • Michael Hughes, Verdion

Special section: Real FDI

  • Joining up of FDI and real assets brings opportunities
  • Greenfield FDI fuels post-covid logistics surge
  • Interview: Ihor Terekhov, Mayor of Kharkiv


  • Debt finance
  • Germany Outlook
  • Residential

Real Asset Insight – March 2023

CEO Outlook 2023 – Industry Associations

  • Following our last CEO outlook feature in February, Real Asset Insight sought the views on the market from the chief executives of the leading European associations in both real estate and infrastructure.


  • Rob Rackind, Credit Suisse
  • Rainer Nonnengässer, Amro Partners

Special feature

  • Europe and Asia: Capital, ESG and key trends


  • Debt finance
  • Global Outlook 2023
  • France Outlook
  • FDI Insight

Real Asset Insight – February 2023

CEO Outlook 2023

  • Real estate chiefs give their views on business after a tumultuous 2022, how they see the market now and their goals in the face of new challenges

Executive Interview

  • Erwin Buckers – How Chainels went from start-up to Europewide proptech


  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • European logistics

Real Asset Insight #20 – December 2022

EXPO Real Review

CEO Interview

  • LaSalle Investment Management European CEO Philip La Pierre discusses how data and skills will be critical to making the right investment calls in a rapidly changing market

Thought Leader: Valérie Jonkers

  • Long leases, stable dividends and ESG make the healthcare sector attractive, says Care Property Invest’s COO and executive director


  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • European logistics
  • Netherlands
  • Residential
  • Student accommodation
  • Future of office


  • Battersea Power Station
  • Interview: CBRE Investment Management’s Eric Decouvelaere
  • Retail Attractiveness Index
Real Asset Insight October 2022

Real Asset Insight #19 – October 2022

EXPO Real 2022 edition

Global outlook

  • Despite multiple global challenges, allocations to real estate continue to increase as European assets are seen as cheap by US investors

Executive Interviews

  • Sonja Warntges, chief executive Europe of DIC Asset, discusses the challenges facing offices and logistics and how she is tackling diversity and ESG


  • European logistics
  • Netherlands
  • Residential
  • Student accommodation
  • Life sciences

Real Asset Insight #18 – July/August 2022

Listed Sector Focus

  • Public companies show their resilience having learned the hard lessons of the 2008-09 GFC

Executive Interviews

  • Shobi Khan, Canary Wharf Group
  • Tom Maher, PATRIZIA
  • Brian Klinksiek, LaSalle Investment Management


  • Lifecycle Project Delivery
  • European Outlook
  • Logistics
  • Expo Real Preview
  • France
  • Insights from Provada

Real Asset Insight #17 – May/June 2022

Logistics Focus

  • Sector remains resilient: Demand contributes to record rental growth, which compensates for rising costs
  • Buildings key to sustainable logistics
  • Global events highlight need to rethink supply chains

Executive Interviews

  • Henning Koch, Commerz Real
  • Edward Bates, STAM Europe


  • European Debt Finance
  • CEE Summit
  • Global Capital Flows
  • Residential
  • Germany
  • Future of the Office

Real Asset Insight #16 – March 2022

CEO Outlook 2022 – Industry Associations

  • Following our last CEO outlook feature in February, we have now sought the views on the market from the CEOs of the leading European associations in both real estate and infrastructure

Executive Interviews

  • Ben Bannatyne, Prologis
  • Alex Jeffrey, Savills Investment Management


  • German investment and asset manager KGAL


  • Logistics
  • Global Trends
  • CEE
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Assets in CEE

Real Asset Insight #15 – February 2022

CEO Outlook 2022

  • Real estate chiefs give their views on business in the pandemic, how they see the market now, and their goals in the new normal

Executive Interview

  • Cromwell Property Group’s Pertti Vanhanen


  • France
  • UK Senior Housing
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Debt Finance
  • Assets in CEE

Real Asset Insight #14 – December 2021

CEO Interviews

  • Cofinimmo’s Sébastien Berden
  • McArthurGlen’s Joan Jove

Retail Special

  • Clicks-to-bricks: offsetting business risk;
  • McArthurGlen: ‘A lot of retail will thrive in this new era’
  • European retail turns a corner
  • Five trends shaping retail’s post-pandemic future


  • Glasgow and COP26; Germany & Netherlands
  • Student Housing; Residential
  • Data Centres; Logistics

Real Asset Insight #13 – October 2021

  • Special Report: Germany
  • Insight & Strategy: Netherlands
  • Insight & Strategy: European Logistics
  • Insight & Strategy: Regenerating Cities
  • CEO Interviews: Hines, Corestate, P3
  • Thought Leader interviews
  • People moves

Real Asset Insight #12 – September 2021

  • Preview: IMPACT
  • Senior Housing & Healthcare
  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Investing in Cities
  • Listed Sector
  • Expo Real Preview
  • Investing in Italy
  • Thought Leader interviews
  • People moves

Real Asset Insight #11 – July 2021

  • Infrastructure special
  • Olivia Business Centre
  • Thought Leader interviews
  • Senior Housing & Healthcare
  • Resilient Retail
  • Affordable Cities
  • The Future of Logistics
  • Debt Financing
  • Student Housing
  • Investing in France
  • People moves

Real Asset Insight #10 – May 2021

  • Logistics Investment
  • Senior Housing & Healthcare
  • Global Capital Flows
  • Investing beyond the crisis
  • NEW: People moves

Real Asset Insight #9 – March 2021

  • Impact Investment
  • Healthy Cities / Thinking Cities
  • Italy’s hospitality returns
  • Outlook 2021 CEE, UK, NL, F, Iberia
  • NEW: People moves

Real Asset Insight #8 – December 2020 – January 2021

  • The rise and rise of CEE
  • Tech unlocks office return
  • Top 100 PropTech firms
  • Germany Outlook 2021

Real Asset Insight #7 – October 2020

  • A new direction for Real Estate
  • Gauging sentiment in post-Covid world
  • Edinburgh BioQuarter’s 1bn GBP opportunity
  • Insight & Strategy

Real Asset Insight #6 – July 2020

  • E-commerce comes of age
  • Covid-19 pandemic: Preparing for the fallout
  • Italy Special
  • Debt Finance & Investment

Real Asset Insight #5 – March 2020

  • To the power of five (5G Networks)
  • Coronavirus hits Real Estate
  • Pricing climate change in CRE
  • A decade of record investment

Real Asset Insight #4 – December 2019

  • Conservatives win UK election
  • Co-working Dicken’s of a year
  • Germany’s matchmakers
  • Pro-business Porto reaps rewards

Real Asset Insight #3 – October 2019

  • Germany’s hidden champions
  • South Korea’s investment wave
  • Frankfurt’s high aspirations
  • Plus ca change?

Real Asset Insight #2 – June 2019

  • Institutional interest grows for beds to rent
  • Investors craft late cycle strategies
  • Interview – Swiss Life AM
  • The rise of logistics

Real Asset Insight #1 – March 2019

  • Five big themes for 2019
  • Logistics – Property’s disruption winner
  • Marker Momentum Remains