Special Reports

Coronavirus: impact on real estate

The Special Report analyses the latest data and insights from industry leaders on what coronavirus means for you and the real estate sector.

  • The Economic context: how effective are the unprecedented interventions by governments, central banks and regulators across the US, Europe and the UK.
  • Investment activity and capital flows: Q1 across Europe, and the globe, is expected to show weakening activity as month months progress. Markets are braced for a tough Q2.
  • Market Sentiment: Savills rapid sentiment survey sheds light on the varying pace of influence Covid-19 has so far had by sectors and geography
  • Real Asset Live: leading economists and researchers share their insights on the likely influence on the global economy and real estate markets
  • Vulnerable sectors: the retail sector is on the brink while supply chain reconfiguration occupies logistics sector
  • Finance: CREFC Europe’s CEO Peter Cosmetatos offers his early thoughts on the challenge now facing lenders
  • Restructuring: the race for survival as companies seek to boost liquidity ahead of access to government schemes
  • The view from Germany: Blackbird Real Estate’s Tobias Schultheiß analyses Germany’s resilience
  • Sector focus – Food Retail: Greenman’s Johnnie Wilkinson on why physical retail will still have a place after the crisis

This report is part of a series of 5 Special Research Reports on key industry topics available as part of a Premium Subscription.


Brexit: a new era for UK real estate

In this special report, with interviews from key industry & sector leaders James Wallace analyses the impact of BREXIT on real estate markets. Content includes:

  • Editorial: With Brexit finally done after years of politics, it’s up to the UK to deliver a different future outside the EU.
  • Politics: What are the realities for businesses as the UK begins its new trading relationship with the EU?
  • UK Economy: Brexit comes amid vast monetary and fiscal stimulus that has supported the UK economy during the pandemic – and adds to unknown risks.
  • Investment: With no deal averted what are the investment forecasts, sources of demand, and investors’ favoured sectors for the UK?
  • London Offices: The City of London awaits the EU’s decision on ‘equivalence’, which will accelerate long-term change but not the direction of travel.
  • Retail: Brexit is set to advance long-term structural changes in the retail sector and impact Europe-wide supply chains. Here, the scenarios are examined.
  • Lending: What will Brexit mean for lending markets in the UK? We look at the key factors at play in the coming years.

This report is part of a series of Special Research Reports on key industry topics available as part of a Premium Subscription.