Bouwfonds to develop major housing project in Kiel

[Image: John Kinnander/Unsplash]

Project developer Bouwfonds Immobilienentwicklung (BPD) has acquired a 27-hectare plot of land in a development area of German city Kiel where it will build 800 homes.

The site has been acquired from DSK BIG group of Kronshagen.

Kiel South is the largest development area in Kiel and will provide a total of around 1,600 housing units of which BPD will build half. The project will provide a mix of housing types including apartments, single-family, terraced houses and semi-detached houses, intended to meet the city’s rapid population growth. The project will also include an element of subsidised housing and a number of open spaces such as playgrounds, village squares, football and skate parks, are being planned.

BPD said the project will be built to a high standard of sustainability including modern energy and mobility concepts. Public participation is a strong theme in the project planning process.

“Participation, especially at this level, is a matter of course for us. We see the acquisition of the plot of land as a great opportunity to create a sustainable quarter with the city of Kiel and the other project partners,” said BPD Hamburg branch manager Marko Pabst.