Public sector in Scotland leads the way on carbon reduction

Scotland is set to achieve its 2045 net zero target through a mix of government intervention and private sector activism, said Lisa Mcdade, Environmental Advisor, Kier Construction. The public sector is leading the way on carbon reduction in buildings.

“We’re really hoping that the net zero standard in the building sector will become mandatory in the next few years to really push the agenda forward”, Mcdade said. “We’re seeing a big focus on collaboration, everyone in the public sector is aligned and we see a lot more motivation to get to net zero in the near future”.

Buildings that are aiming for net zero are already seeing a massive reduction in operational costs, especially schools in Scotland that no longer have gas boilers and have almost free heating, she told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

The fact that Glasgow hosted the UN conference on climate change last year really made a big difference, she said.

“It was really important that Cop26 came to Glasgow because it put a real spotlight on what Scotland needs to do to achieve our net zero targets”, she said. “We have a more ambitious 2045 target of net zero and I think that Cop26 in Glasgow really pushed our government to focus on where we need to go”.

People have a real motivation to get to net zero, Mcdade said, not just in the public sector but also ordinary people who want a more sustainable future for their children.

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