Path to net zero requires more collaboration to meet deadline

Climate change is driving the construction industry to focus on the reduction of environmental impact but it needs to be a collaborative effort according to Elizabeth Halliday, Head of Responsible Business, Morgan Sindall Construction, Scotland.

“It’s not a job for just one main contractor,” she told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts. “It’s an industry requirement from design through to procurement. Everyone has to focus on working together to reduce our environmental impact and ultimately to design and construct zero carbon buildings.”

And she said: “Ultimately, we’re trying to combat climate change and we really don’t have very long. We only have until 2030 really to change what’s going on in the world and construction plays a major part of that.”

Halliday said that retrofit projects are “a great place to be at the moment”, because they effectively use existing buildings as material banks for the future rather than constructing new ones when that is not really required.

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