Energy crisis highlights need to increase spend on renewables

All countries, especially those in Europe, need to invest heavily into renewable energy sources according to Rebekah Tobias, MD, Investor Relations & Business Development, MARCOL.

This is particularly the case in Germany which has been hit harder by the energy crisis because of its reliance on Russian gas.

“If we can learn anything from the crisis it is that we all need to become a bit more self-sufficient and sustainable as a country and heavily invest in renewable, she said, speaking in the International Investors Lounge at EXPO Real recently.

“We’re having to source our own solar panels and supplies to create ESG compliant assets and that’s fine,” she said. “But if there was some type of government intervention to make that easier or to increase the supply chain somehow in those areas it would be hugely beneficial to the private sector which is trying to create a more sustainable built world.”

And she added: “Our customers and our tenants are the ones paying us the rent and our valuations are based on the income generated from those assets, so I think we all have a responsibility to help businesses that are occupying our buildings to create more energy efficient assets to occupy.”

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