Data takes on new role as ESG moves up property agenda

Speaking at this year’s EXPO Real, ESG data intelligence provider Deepki’s co founder and CEO Vincent Bryant said that climate change is no longer just an assumption.

“We all need to take responsibility. The real estate industry accounts for more than a third of CO2 emissions in the world.”

He said that the way that buildings are built and used has a dramatic impact.

“Today the real estate industry understands that it has to move very quickly in order to become net zero. The fact is that if you want to save CO2 emissions within a given building, you need to reduce energy consumption.”

In the context of the energy crisis, he maintains, it has become top of the agenda for real estate players.

“Why? First because there’s a regulatory framework, especially in Europe, around the transition to net zero. Second is because asset managers want to protect the value of their assets, and third, because energy prices are rising so quickly and dramatically that it becomes a key point to reduce costs for tenants and protect the attractiveness of the assets.”

Bryant said at previous editions of EXPO Real the topic of ESG and energy was addressed only by people who were in charge of ESG, CSR and sustainable development. “But now ESG has clearly become top of the agenda for Head of Asset Management, CEO’s, MD’s, fund managers, and the people we meet are more operational – in the field managing assets and taking care of them.”

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