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Post Covid 20% may work from home long term

While markets speculate on the degree of permanence of changes that have occurred in response to the coronavirus pandemic, research firm Capital Economics states that it believes a little over 20% of office workers will still be working from home in the US in 2022, with a further 30% doing so at least one day per week.

Photo: Leonard Beck, Unsplash

The firm said in its recent report Global Property Focus – The Outlook For Housing in a Post Covid World , that prior to the coronavirus the effects of extended home working were not well understood by most businesses.

“But due to the coronavirus response, the last six months have been a largely successful live experiment in home working,” the report’s authors, property economists Matthew Pointon and Hansen Lu state. They add that this has broken down the barriers to a more remote workforce.

The report points out that, in the UK, Eurostat data show that 4.7% of employed persons reported home as their main place of work in 2019, while in the European Union the figure was 5.3%.

By June of this year the figure ranged from around 60% in the UK, Belgium, Spain, France and the Netherlands and about 40% in Germany.

“After the direct effects of the pandemic subside, we expect to see a permanent shift toward more working from home,” Capital Economics adds.