Wider interpretation of ‘S’ in ESG helps level playing field

Even in a country like Denmark well known for its strong healthcare and social systems, people “fall through the cracks”, says Nordic asset and property manager DEAS Group’s CEO Rikke Lykke.

Discussing the social aspects of ESG with Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts, she explained: “We keep saying in Denmark that we have equal rights. The thing is, we have equal rights but not equal opportunity to utilise those rights.”

Lykke said that people are looking at impact investing and at how they can use their buildings in a different way. She said that Deas and three other companies have banded together to create a not-for-profit foundation to provide a different kind of social initiative to help children and young people that are in need in Denmark.

She said that the foundation will introduce young people to trainee programs and provide mentoring, help and guidance as well as providing opportunities to break social and cultural barriers.

“As mentors, we can introduce them to trainee programs and can help them to see a different part of the Danish world where they can try out their skills.”

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