Trends offer core investors chance of higher returns: UBS

Recent market shifts are creating opportunities for investors with core assets to supplement their income with high-return strategies, says Fergus Hicks, real estate market strategist at UBS Asset Management.

Discussing the firm’s recently released research, On the Lookout for Where To Go, he told Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts, that there are three potential strategies: traditional value-added investments; targeting dislocation and market stress; and thematic investments supported by mega trends such as demographics, the move online and the adoption of ESG goals.

“We are seeing these trends across all markets globally,” Hicks said. “They are more developed in some markets than others, such as opportunities for life sciences in the US but we are also seeing some in European countries.”

Hicks said another emerging opportunity is the rise of cold chain facilities for transportation and storage of perishable goods.

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