There’s a “very positive vibe” among real estate investors

Claudia van Haeften, Founder & CEO, Sociëteit Vastgoed

The mood among real estate investors is positive despite concerns about the war and the economy, said van Haeften, largely because there is still a post-pandemic rush of enthusiasm about being able to meet in person again and doing business again.

ESG concerns, about the environment but also about social impact, are at the top of the agenda for most investors, she told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

“There is a lot of energy about sustainability”, said van Haeften. “Everybody is willing to move, everybody is willing to invest, everybody is willing to cooperate and do business with each other. Despite the concerns about Ukraine, energy prices and interest rates the  vibe is very positive”.

There is a lot of concern among real estate investors about what is happening in Ukraine, about the price of gas and energy and about higher interest rates, she said, but despite these worries “the vibe is very positive”.

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There’s a “very positive vibe” among real estate investors