Tech offers senior living safety net but infrastructure needed

Technology can be the missing link between senior housing and healthcare because it provides the data required to make better decisions about healthcare provision and also helps people feel safe in their home, says Klaus Niederlander of Echocare Technologies.

The company, originally from Israel, provides a radar-based home monitoring system which measures a number of different metrics, including motion, location, heart and respiration rate.

The device is located on the ceiling and the person is thereafter unaware of it but data is transmitted to those who will act upon it if support is required.

“Whenever there’s an anomaly or emergency you know you can act on it,” he adds.

Niederland says that while using the technology is straightforward what is more complicated the interplay between the different people involved, including family, professional carers and social services.

“The real issue is building an ecosystem of different organisations working together. Technology then provides the information to act upon.”

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