Sustainability record drawing investors to Finland’s Turku

Finland’s oldest city, Turku, is encouraging foreign investment to help it develop and grow and according to Niko Kyynäräinen, director of economic and business development, is finding partners who want to share the city’s progress toward net zero carbon emissions.

“We are one of the boldest in the whole world, and rank 10 or something like that in in the whole world,” Kyynäräinen said. The city expects to be at net zero by 2029.

Projects include a new science park with about one million sq m of space, which will be further developed, and an entertainment park area.

“We are now in the process of building new premises for our cultural activities: the music hall is coming in a few years and an arena, which is not only for hockey sports. It’s about music, it’s about different cultural activities. Culture is involved in every decision that we make in the city,” Kyynäräinen said.

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