Redevco: ‘Mixed use’ key part of accelerated strategy

Andrew Vaughan, CEO, Redevco

Redevco CEO Andrew Vaughan says that 2020 is not turning out to be “the lost year” that he thought it might have been when the lockdowns first occurred.

Talking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts, Vaughan says that initially he was pessimistic about the future, but is now much more optimistic.

He expects the crisis to accelerate macro trends. Changes that might have been expected to take five to 10 years to be realised might now occur in one to two years, Vaughan says. Some may even come to fruition in six to twelve months, he adds.

Redevco is responding by accelerating its plans. “We are determined to push ahead with the same strategy, but at a quicker pace,” Vaughan says.

Part of this strategy is more extensive mixing of uses incorporating residential as well as other sectors. “We still believe in retail,” he says. “But not all retail.”

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You can also read the full interview in the current issue of Living Retail