Proptech can slash manual work hampering resi lettings

Many of the processes involving landlords and tenants when renting apartments are still done manually. This is even the case among larger companies as well as across the different residential sectors, from general residential to microliving.

This is particularly true for the tenant acquisition process but even for the legally safe digital rental agreements. There is still plenty of potential for innovation, as Lena Tuckermann, founder and CEO, of Berlin-based proptech company Mietz.

“There’s a lot of processes that are still handled fully manually, even by the larger companies, concerning tenant acquisition. Hundreds of emails and hundreds of phone calls are made, just to discover who is the right tenant and to collect their documents.”

She added that contracts are often still printed and posted which is an inefficient process. “With the state-of-the-art technology that we currently have, we could save 50% to 70% of manual work.”

“We see huge potential to transform the whole residential area, but it also has a lot of potential beyond that concerning commercial real estate,” she added.

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