Pension funds are powering sustainability agenda forward

In many cases pension funds are using their might to drive the sustainability agenda forward.

“You cannot underestimate the value our clients the pension funds attach to investment in sustainability, it’s such an important issue,” says Boris van der Gijp, director, Real Estate, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance.

“As it’s important for our clients, it’s important Syntrus Achmea so we’re investing every day to be the best in the sector,” he added.

The company, whose focus is developing new housing but also improving existing stock, has a portfolio of 25 000 dwellings in the Netherlands. “We’re consciously working very hard to improve the sustainability of this portfolio,” said van der Gijp.

The company has just signed an agreement with BAM to improve carbon emissions in 1,000 of the homes in the portfolio.

“We’re now at 45% reduction in carbon so we’re almost near the Paris Agreement targets,” he added.