P3 CEO says raise roof use to help tackle energy shortages

Warehouse roofs could be better exploited to help with the current energy crisis in Europe according to Frank Pörschke CEO, P3 Logistic Parks.

“We have a huge need for sustainable energy in Europe and globally and I believe that the logistics sector can contribute to it by becoming a net producer of energy,” Pörschke said, speaking in the International Investors Lounge at EXPO Real, staged last week in Munich.

“We have millions of square meters of roofs which we do not use properly and if we install solar panels there and maybe combine it with batteries on site in the long run, this could contribute significantly to this big challenge.”

However, he added that this will take some time to sort out because regulations are very different within Europe, and sometimes within countries, Germany being one such example.

“There are also challenges because the grids are not prepared for it yet.”

The solution will be the storage of energy, which still requires some technical development, or improvement of national grids, or a combination of the two, he said.