Owners struggle to exploit logistics’ rooftop PV potential

The escalating demand for green energy has coincided with a boom in the development of logistics facilities with vast areas of roof space which could be used for mounting solar panels. However, much of the potential is being missed, according to Joost Leenderstse, CEO of VerusSol.

Leenderstse told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts that the fiscal status of many companies with logistics buildings – such as REITs and funds – prevents them from being electricity generating businesses on the side.

However, Leenderstse said that as the power needs of logistics tenants are only set to increase, particularly where there is a high degree of automation and in last-mile buildings where there are more likely to be electric vehicles to charge, rooftop photovoltaic power can be used to supply occupiers.

“We believe the biggest asset for the building owner is the tenant. By making the logistics or big buildings more attractive by giving the tenant cheap, green electricity that has marketing value. “

“They are in a more attractive building, they can say ‘we produce our own green electricity’, and for the building owner the building will be greener. We are making a completely new business case.”

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