Over 70% of employees want more home and less office

PwC’s report, More Home Less Office, resulted from a survey of employers and employees in Germany but has widely applicable lessons.

Rita Marie Roland, Christiane Conrads and David Rouven Möcker spoke to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts.

David Möcker explained that the switch from office to home working during the pandemic has been received very positively by both staff and employers with 71% of employees expressing a strong desire to continue working from home. Meanwhile employers said productivity was as good or better than when working full-time in the office.

“The surprise for us was the high level of acceptance of the working-from-home model. We’ve heard it before from various big companies: the number of regular days of mobile working might be increased, the amount of office space might be reduced. But there were extremely positive perceptions among both employees and employers, from all kinds of industries and independent of the size of company. You can definitely say that for many people in Germany working from home is the new norm.”

But, he added, firms need to invest further in the necessary infrastructure for home working.

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