‘Opportunities are everywhere’ in Europe’s healthcare market

As with all property sectors the current investment market for healthcare investments is currently slow, said Yeliz Bicici, chief operating officer, offices and real estate development, Cofinimmo.

Bicici said adjustment is still needed and the expectations of buyers and sellers need to be examined. After the interest  rate hikes the market needs to stabilise and market participants need to find common ground.

ESG is attracting attention and after the initial focus on the environmental aspect, the social aspects are gaining more ground. “On a personal level, I’m quite happy that it’s not only the E which seems to be understood by the majority of parties but that we also focus on the S and the G part which are of a great importance as well,” Bicici said.

“The challenge of the S of ESG is, indeed, how do you quantify it? You can measure a kilowatt you can measure carbon, so that’s easier .,” she said. “It’s always good that different parties are talking about this. At least there is awareness of the need for a tool to be able to measure and in the end we will get there,” she said.

Meanwhile, healthcare investment is a big opportunity. “The fundamentals of the healthcare business remain very solid, even in this current market environment,  so I wouldn’t say that a country is not  interesting from that point of view.”

“When we look at the demographic changes that are expected in all European countries, from our point of view, they have a tremendous need for good infrastructure, so that’s a challenge that we have to face together. Opportunities are everywhere,” she added.