‘Normality’ will return in 2024 for hotels and travel: Azora

While 2021 always looked like being a “complex” year for the hard-hit hotel industry in the aftermath of the pandemic, 2024 will represent a return to normality according to Azora’s head of hotels Javier Arús.

And he says that by “normality” he means that levels of cash flow per key or cash flow per room will be in line with levels achieved in the 2019 season.

He added that 2019 is “not necessarily the peak season but I think it’s the reference that we need to take now to really underwrite different scenarios.”

Talking to Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts, Arús said that there is a willingness to travel, but it is mobility that is restricted.

“As soon as restrictions are lifted we see a very strong pickup in demand, so any region that suddenly improves its position has a huge impact in the level of bookings. So we’re quite positive in terms of the recovery.”

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