New logistics rental growth experience helps draw talent

The new experience of rental growth in the logistics real estate market combined with prices that have been rewound to 2018/2019 levels and the presence of “hunger capital” from around the globe, is a really good combination, according to Balazs Lados, managing director and senior fund manager of investment manager Realterm.

He said that these factors also combine to make it much easier to find talent. “They they like a good growth story so we’ve been successful in building a good team.”

Realterm’s focus has been mission-critical logistics assets for the transportation industry.

“We see some structural shifts in the supply chain in Europe that really feed the demand and this never-experienced rental growth is something that we really started to feel across our portfolios,” Lados said.

“We’re a niche player within logistics. We typically do assets that facilitate some kind of a modal shift. It could be a container to truck, truck to van, airplane to road or city road. Typically we don’t do the big box, the multi-warehouses and the storage assets. It’s mostly buildings that move freight rather than store freight. That’s where we will keep focusing.”

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