Logistics should not delay the transition to sustainability

Now is the time to incorporate sustainability into the logistics and industrial asset class, according to Wilm Schwarzpaul, MD of ecoPARKS, which is based at Monheim, near Dusseldorf.

“From the technology and innovation point of view, it’s really time to do it now, and not wait until tomorrow,” he said.

Speaking to Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts he said there has been a change in the last few years and more sustainable impact technologies are being implemented, but there could be a bolder approach because technology and innovation now make much more possible.

Schwarzpaul and his colleagues founded ecoPARK two years ago to fulfil the substantial requirement for sustainable logistics and industrial buildings.

“It’s really the link bringing economic and ecological things to a perfect match to give our clients, our tenants, rental space that they can afford but with a really substantial, sustainable structure behind it.”

Schwarzpaul also added that most communities want a more mixed-use approach to the use of their land. “So we think about concepts that prove this can be done, that are long term for the location, and that bring value adds for the surrounding area where we develop.”

The first EcoPark building was completed in January 2023 and has a fully timber structure. All beams, columns etc in the warehouse area are wood and there is an all-wood office and welfare building.

From the occupier point of view this was important partlyfor the recruitment process because it helps to attract new talent. Schwarzpaul added that the occupier was also happy because no fossil fuels are required to operate the building.

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