Logistics occupiers now focus more on climate targets: CTP

Climate targets have become one of the key trends in the logistics sector according to Adam Targowski, Group Head of ESG Management, CTP Invest.

He said that both current and potential clients are becoming more and more specific about the issue and there is now a greater need for transparency and comparability. “So we’re enhancing our non-financial disclosure, preparing for upcoming CSRD requirements and improving our ESG ratings.”

CTP is also further developing its community engagement. “Within existing parks we’re working with our tenants to create and enhance the community so tenants’ employees can enjoy working in our parks and on top of that we are bringing social value through education activities.”

Corporate occupiers are becoming more demanding in terms of higher sustainability ratings, he said.

“We very much see the shift from just declarations, to concrete requirements,” he said. “Although there is still quite a lot of discussion of definitions, quite a lot of discussions about the understanding of things like climate targets, carbon targets, carbon Net Zero, climate Net Zero. So this is something that differs very much from company to company and even though there are some frameworks, we’re working on finding a way to support our clients in their climate journeys and that’s definitely the priority.”