Investors switch from digital to clean technology after COP26

One of the encouraging aspects of the recent COP26 UN Climate Change Conference was that while it brought together a lot of world leaders in Glasgow, it also drew a lot of innovators in clean technology businesses, said Alisdair Gunn, project director, Glasgow Innovation District.

One of the great moments of the conference was Mark Carney’s ‘watershed’ declaration that $130 trillion would be committed to hitting net zero world wide. Gunn said: “That’s also aligned a lot of the banks that are supporting it so one of the things which you’ve seen is this commitment is now filtering down as investment into companies.”

Gunn said focus is still very much on the larger infrastructure and also the real estate assets and retrofit development. “But we’re starting to see some of the angel investors shifting themselves, potentially, away from digital into more clean tech and that is something in Scotland that we definitely want to see a bit more of,” Gunn added.

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