Investors’ faith justified as Polish market prepares

Poland’s real estate market is ready for business again after the somewhat cautious approach taken by banks and other market players the last year and lenders like Berlin Hyp are open for new opportunities.

“Last year, the banks needed to look at their portfolios to go through some screening and to understand where potential problems might arise, given the activity of the market,” said Justyna Kedzierska-Klukowska, Head of Warsaw Office, Berlin Hyp AG

She said that this phase is over and Poland actually turned out to be in a much better position than some might have expected. “Which is of course very good news and a good position for us to be,” she told Real Asset Insight’s Richard Betts.

Sustainability has become one of the major targets for institutional market players, including banks.

“It’s not just for regulatory reasons, but first of all it’s about how we want to build our portfolio. We want to have a sustainable portfolio with sustainable assets, assets which will remain attractive investment products next year as well.”