High quality biophylic projects could help free housing chain

Housing projects with a strong green element are necessary to tempt older people away from their homes, release property back into the market and free up the property market and says Box Architects CEO Graham Place.

“We’re working on a scheme at the moment in Hayward’s Heath which is really biophilic. There’s a lot of green space, green roofs. gardens. It’s not finished, so it’ll be interesting to see when it is whether we achieve the goal we’ve set out to. But the feedback and interest in the scheme is already there.”

Place also said that having a client that is willing to invest to that level is great. “It’s very high quality,” he added.

The project is orientated to maximise daylight along with the large amounts of green space.

“I think it will really offer people the opportunity to leave their family homes and their gardens and come and live somewhere beautiful. If we’re going to actually move this market on, so we can start releasing property back into the market and actually make a positive impact all through the housing chain, I think these kind of developments are what we need.”

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