Greater governance needed as seniors sector comes of age

Discussions among MIPIM delegates clearly indicated the growing significance of the senior housing asset class.

“Senior healthcare as an asset class is transforming from an alternative to a mature main asset class,” said Ron van Bloois, co-founder and chair of the Senior Housing and Healthcare Association.

Talking to Richard Betts of Real Asset Media, which organised the Club MIPIM ’22 investors lounge, Van Bloois agreed that there is, however, a need for more research, data and stronger governance in the sector.

“We launched the preview version of the SHHA annual report, where we also clarify what our goals are, and one of our most important goals is to clarify definitions,” he said. The SHHA also aims to make the sector more transparent and follows founding member Frédéric Dib’s initiative to create a governance code following scandals on the operational side, Van Bloois added.

“It’s very important from our association’s perspective to at least talk about this challenge and to create more transparency,” he said.

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