Going with the flow: Kone works to improve urban travel

Helsinki-headquartered elevator manufacturer Kone, which also makes escalators, turnstiles, automatic doors and walkways, is focused on “improving the flow of urban life,” according to the company’s CTO Maciej Kranz. The firm has introduced a number of technological innovations aimed at helping the billion or so people that use its products every day.

“Probably the most common conversation that I’ve been having with customers over the last year is how do we enable a person leaving a station or a parking lot to move into their apartment or their office in a smooth, safe and timely manner. In this context, inclusivity and the focus on accessibility is really important.”

The firm has introduced a range of “connected” elevators, that can be integrated with computer application programming interfaces that could, for example, work with robots to facilitate more efficient grocery or food deliveries as well as anticipating maintenance needs.

The company is also concerned with sustainability of its products but also their inclusivity.

“Roughly 10% to 20% of working population in Europe have some sort of disability so, in this context, making sure that everybody including people with disabilities can move around the buildings with smiles on their faces is important,” Kranz said.

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