Glasgow regaining reputation as world’s hi-tech workshop

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken says that the city’s transition from being a post-industrial Victorian city to being a modern centre of innovation is not complete, but it is well underway.

With one of the challenges being to shake of the legacy that has left stark contrasts and inequalities in terms of health and wealth, the city has adopted a collaborative approach to embracing new technologies.

“That reputation that we had of being ‘the workshop of the world’ is returning, but it is a different kind of workshop now,” she told Real Asset Media’s Richard Betts. Now the workshop is hi-tech, low carbon and high value, she said.

The city has a strong academic base with three universities, two arts/design institutes and two innovation centres that work closely with each other. “It’s that cross-fertilisation that is important is creating a sense of excitement,” she said.

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