Finding resources is critical concern for care sector growth

The demographic profile of European countries have made elderly care the biggest opportunity for sector specialist Aedifica.

“That is a market that we are very comfortable with where, with the demography of the aging population, we see the biggest opportunity,” said the company’s chief operating officer Raoul Thomassen. “That could be in assisted living, that could be in independent living, as long as it’s in care.”

Thomassen spoke to Real Asset Media at EXPO Real last October and then, as now, a dominant theme in the market was the cost of capital and how it affects investment, development and redevelopment: “What’s happening in the capital markets? Where are we in the interest rate cycle?”.

Aedifica focuses on Continental Europe and the UK and the markets are moving mostly in a similar direction, Thomassen said.

“Some are a bit more ahead. We’ve seen markets like the UK, for example, recover already to levels  that we have not seen for some time.”

“Other markets are getting there, but they need a bit more time. It’s mostly a question of resources, especially getting enough care providers for the operators to do their job.”