Expect return to global view as China leads Asia’s recovery

Among the Asia Pacific markets, China has recovered strongly and consumer demand has bounced back, even though a lot of it is focused on online spending, said Susheela Rivers, global co-chair real estate sector, DLA Piper.

There is still demand for physical retail space and she envisages a more a hybridised way of using assets.

But Rivers also expects a return to a more global perspective. Where capital is focused regionally or locally, it is largely driven by policy, but the need for the Asia region to strengthen as an economic power means global capital flows will still be very attractive. Societies are moving and generational shifts increase the desire to own assets across the world.

“While there might be some policy reasons that haul back capital, ultimately there’s still that demand, so it’s a question of ‘when’ that is relaxed rather than ‘if’,” Rivers said.

Despite recent unrest in Hong Kong, Rivers said prospects there are very exciting particularly looking towards the so-called Greater Bay area. “There’s fantastic growth potential,” she said. In particular life sciences, as an asset class, is going to be attractive and the Greater Bay area has incentives to drive the sector forward.

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