ESG a must as Polish city Lodz invests in sustainable future

The city of Lodz is located in Poland’s industrial heartland, creating both unique needs and unique opportunities, according to deputy mayor Adam Pustelnik.

“We in central Poland are a pretty unusual location because we are industrially focused and also industrially dependent. So we brought here with us [to present at MIPIM] our new industrial zones. It’s a pretty unique product because of the governmental infrastructural investments,” Pustelnik said.

“We are offering roughly 500 hectares within the administrative boundaries of the city. So it’s for European circumstances a pretty unique offer, on highway junctions. Also we are presenting a concept of our city centre’s revitalisation.”

The city has invested approximately €1 billion in the revitalisation of the historic parts of the city. ESG became a priority for the city and its investors, opening up opportunities for sustainable investment. “Right now when you look at financing requirements and the demands of corporate partners, if you don’t have a sufficient focus on ESG, basically you are lost,” Pustelnik said.

“That’s why we became the first city in Poland to issue green bonds. We invest an enormous amount of money to change our energy mix. We are at the forefront of investment into Poland’s sustainable economy because we have to, as a typically industrial area, meaning we have double the need in this segment.”

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