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Aligning operational property stakeholders maximises values

Conflicts of interest can emerge around operational property when stakeholders – operators, investors and the developer – have differing priorities and this can compromise the value of a project.

Utrecht-based consultancy Multiple Impacts was founded recently to offer its experience in order to iron out the differences in such situations.

“A lot of value gets lost, so what we’re trying to do is to give our best-in-class advisory and our knowledge and our experience in order to make sure that all these parties know what is market practice, to make sure that we can align everything and build a product that is useful for the operator, is a good investment for the investor and that the development still receives a good margin,” said MI’s newly appointed COO Alexander Watson.

MI’s focus is alternative investment classes, particularly healthcare projects.

“If we only look at the senior housing numbers, they’re going to increase rapidly until 2050,” Watson added. “It’s a very big growth market. When I started in healthcare real estate it was not even a class by itself. It’s becoming a standalone class. Investors are trying to put a part of their portfolio into healthcare real estate, so the game has changed completely.”

Click on the video above to watch the full interview or listen to the podcast below.