Adapting retail concepts to be more future proof is task ahead

Germany-headquartered hypermarket operator Kaufland operates approximately 1,500 sites across Europe with a strong emphasis on Germany but also the CEE region.

“we keep expanding so we’re still hungry for more,” said head of investor relationship management Angelus Bernreuther. “It’s a very vibrant region in the CEE.”

He told Real Asset Insight that the company is looking for new assets in all types of locations and all types of towns, “wherever you can make a big footfall anchor with a supermarket of 2,000-2,500 sq m sales area.”

After some difficult times for retail – although less so for food retail – Bernreuther said the beginning of a new cycle can be observed, in which food retailers can play a decisive role in the future success of retail assets.

And although some markets are mature, the covid pandemic demonstrated that there is a need for adaptation which creates a good opportunity to work hand in hand with investors to create future-proof assets.

Revitalisation and adapting the concept to be future proof will be one of the major tasks for the future of the industry, Bernreuther added.