Juli Living uses Spaceflow app to ‘elevate tenant experience’

Nordic-focused property company NREP’s residential rental platform Juli Living, which is active in Finland and Denmark, is introducing the Spacefow digital customer experience platform to its 50-plus asset portfolio in Denmark.

The smart phone-based app enables would-be tenants to rent an apartment, and, once in residence, access services digitally.

One of Juli Living’s main selling points is that it offers modern, high-quality homes via an online marketplace and offers a high degree of digital access to services.

Following a pilot project in Denmark in 2021, the collaboration will continue with the launch of the ‘white label’ Spaceflow app at the UN17 Village, in Ørestad, Copenhagen – a project intended to incorporate all 17 of the UN’s sustainable development objectives – and other properties which Juli Living will roll out in 2023 and onwards.

CGI of the UN17 village, being developed in Ørestad, Copenhagen.

Spaceflow head of marketing Petr Boruta explained that, for tenants, the technology is a smart phone-based app which provides access to services and smart building features such as remotely opened doors and smart heating system controls. It will also provide information such as real-time energy consumption and enables the tenant to report issues.

“It’s a way to elevate the tenant experience,” said Boruta.

Apart from digitalising the customer experience, one major advantage for building owners is the data that it provides, such as use of shared utilities and tenant preferences. This will provide an accurate guide to the best targets for future investment, Boruta explained.