Silvertip Capital hires five-member Corestate team

(L to R) Dianoush Zekri, Claudius Westerhaus, Semira Schneider, Cedric Schütz, Stephan Rudolph, Christian Bauer, Lambros Reppas

Five former members of Corestate’s micro living and residential team have been hired by living and hospitality asset and investment manager Silvertip Capital in Frankfurt.

Semira Schneider, Stephan Rudolph, Dianoush Zekri, Christian Bauer and Cedric Schütz join former colleague Lambros Reppas who was recruited by Silvertip as managing director in June 2022 to establish and expand group-wide asset and portfolio management.

“It speaks for the positive future prospects of Silvertip that we were able to convince the five of them to join us and that, together with Lambros Reppas, they will be able to hit the ground running as an experienced team,” said Silvertip Capital’s London-based founder and managing partner Claudius Westerhaus.

Silvertip currently manages €1 billion-worth of residential portfolios for international investors and plans further growth in the living and integrated hospitality area within the DACH region.

“With these new appointments and the filling of key positions, the company is now setting an important course to achieve the growth planned for the Group,” Reppas said

Stephan Rudolph, senior vice president asset management at Silvertip, who has 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, was responsible for the micro living division at Corestate and was in charge of an international serviced flats portfolio with €600 million AUM.

Semira Schneider, vice president asset management at Silvertip, has nine years’ experience in the residential sector was responsible for two residential real estate funds worth €800 million at Corestate as part of the asset management team.

Dianoush Zekri, Silvertip vice president asset management, has 15 years of real estate experience and was previously responsible for two residential real estate funds worth €800 million in the asset management team at Corestate.

Christian Bauer joins Silvertip as a senior associate in the asset and investment team. Prior to joining Silvertip, he worked for five years in Corestate’s micro living division, where he was responsible for underwriting and due diligence of new acquisitions and investor reporting for an international serviced flat and student housing portfolio.

Cedric Schütz, analyst in Silvertip’s asset and Investment team, worked for one year with Corestate’s micro living division, assisting with underwriting and due diligence of new acquisitions as well as investor reporting.