Real Asset Impact: Grass roots initiatives take the lead

The world watched as events unfolded at the COP26 UN summit on climate change in Glasgow, eager for international agreement on major issues such as deforestation and fossil fuel use.

But many of the necessary changes will be executed at a much more grass roots level and, for many, the key question is a simple “how?”

The complexity of the answers to that straightforward question cannot be understated, but individuals and companies are taking a lead and are demonstrating what can be done.

Our recently launched publication Real Asset Impact was initiated in order to look principally at how those involved with the built environment are taking the lead and tackling such environmental and social challenges, but are making both an impact and a commercial return.

As Sarah Gordon of the Impact Investing Institute states in the CEO interview, impact investing is the single most important transformation of the global financial services industry in the 21st century.