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Apcoa and UPS collaborate in sustainable delivery project

Car park operator Apcoa and UPS have launched an international partnership to provide what they describe as an environmentally-friendly micro-logistics service.

UPS has, for some years, been using Apcoa car parks in Ireland to transfer deliveries from large containers to cargo bikes for last-mile delivery to end customers.

The two companies have now extended this partnership to Germany and are now collaborating at bases in Dublin, Hamburg and Cologne and plan to expand the partnership over the next few years.

The partnership enables UPS to transport containers to Apcoa car parks by truck, where they are unloaded and taken to designated parking spaces. The contents of the containers is delivered to customers by cargo bikes which are also stored and recharged in the car parks.

Apcoa said that its Urban Hubs brand is expanding the functionality of its multi-storey car parks in certain city-centre locations and allows them to be used for services provided by selected strategic partners.

The partners says that the arrangement helps to reduce CO2 emissions, traffic noise and congestion while exploiting existing multi-storey car parks as urban hubs.

UPS said that being able to use cargo bikes accelerates deliveries as they are less likely to be delayed by urban traffic.

“By joining forces with UPS, we are expanding our urban hubs network, which provides the infrastructure for a wide range of sustainable urban services,” said Apcoa CEO Philippe Op de Beeck. “By deploying our parking areas as transshipment hubs, we are providing the requisite infrastructure for environmentally-friendly logistics.”