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Pandemic accentuates landlords’ management role

The past 18 months have changed perspectives on property, particularly offices, and the role that landlords have to play in the day-to-day operation of their buildings.

The pandemic has added to growing pressure to comply with ESG criteria to make landlords eager to create healthier environments in their buildings which increasingly implies more hands-on management and investment in technology.

A passive approach does not cut it any longer and property owners are under pressure from both their investors and building occupiers to raise standards.

Certification helps by providing standards against which a building can be measured.

Gdansk’s Olivia Business Centre recently achieved a certificate from the International Well Building Institute and was the first building in the world to score maximum points. “Certification helps us a lot in our work,” said Rafał Recław director of the security department at Olivia Business Centre.

Rafał Recław

“It forces us to maintain appropriate discipline and procedures related to ensuring safety.”

“In addition to obtaining international certificates, we try to be up to date with global innovations, technical and procedural solutions,” Recław said.

At 175,000 sq m (1.8 million sq ft) Olivia does have a critical mass that both demands and supports a comprehensive approach to security and well being.

Recław looks at security in its widest sense, “Effectively, we are dealing with a small town with all its challenges, located in in the middle of a large urban agglomeration, which itself is a very complex environment in terms of security,” says Recław.

Ability to turn a crisis into a success

“Professionals responsible for security, guarantee the proper care of the facility and its employees, managing a crisis situation, which leads to minimising or even eliminating material losses, as well as very often image losses; they can turn a crisis into success,” he said.

Recław said the key factors that necessary to ensure security in the largest business centres are, first, the identification of possible threats secondly, appropriate organisational structures, thirdly, the introduction of appropriate standards and procedures based on checklists that do not allow even trivial activities to be overlooked. Fourth, there needs to be technological support.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of standards of cleanliness and the procedures directly related to them, for the maintenance of business continuity, he said.

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