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Renewable energy reinvigorates interest in infrastructure – download latest Real Asset Insight magazine

The latest edition of Real Asset Insight magazine is now available and can be read online or downloaded as a pdf file.

In this edition we focus on infrastructure and how interest in renewable and electric vehicles as well as a desire for impact investing have stimulated demand for infrastructure assets among investors.

And, as some of the pandemic restrictions ease, this issue of Real Asset Insight magazine also examines how different real estate sectors, such as residential, student housing, senior housing, retail and logistics are faring with a semblance of normality in prospect.

This edition also takes a particular look at France and the different forces at play in the investment market there. And, in a special section we take a close look at the Gdansk’s Olivia Business Centre and the people and health-focused policies that it put in place even before the pandemic.

Meanwhile, there have been more significant career moves within the property business and you can follow these in Real Asset Insight’s regular People section.