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Will the success of logistics persist? Download the latest edition of Real Asset Insight

The latest edition of Real Asset Insight magazine is now available and can be read online or downloaded as a pdf file.

In this edition we focus on the logistics real estate market. Given the unprecedented focus on investing in the sector, we asked a range of experts how robust demand for the logistics sector is now that society is adjusting to and combating the pandemic.

And, since “beds and meds” are almost as big an investor preoccupation as “sheds”, this issue of Real Asset Insight magazine also focuses on the senior housing and healthcare sector in what will become a regular section.

But this edition also looks closely at a wide range of real estate sectors, topics and markets including impact investing, ESG, global capital flows, proptech, student housing in CEE, investment in Germany.

Meanwhile, you can follow some significant career moves within the property business in Real Asset Insight’s new and regular People section.