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Discover 2021’s key trends – download Real Asset Insight

The latest edition of Real Asset Insight magazine is now available and can be read online or downloaded as a pdf file.

In this edition we talk to a range of market experts about their experiences and understanding of impact investing and how it fits with their ESG objectives. As the return to the office is now in prospect and occupiers try to establish what “the new normal” actually means to them, we look at the office market and gauge some of the effects of the health crisis. And we look in detail at the resurgence in the hospitality property market in Italy.

This edition also looks closely at life sciences real estate, “thinking cities”, and geographical markets such as CEE, UK, France, The Netherlands and Iberia. We also talked to the experts about the key trends that we can expect to influence the real estate investment markets in 2021.

And you can read about some significant career moves within the industry in Real Asset Insight’s newly launched People section.