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7R developing Poland’s most advanced food warehouse

Polish logistics development specialist 7R has started construction of a modern, fully automated centre near Radzymin, outside Warsaw under a build-to-suit contract.

The building will be completed in 2022, and after the technology fit-out concludes in 2023, the facility is expected to be the most advanced food warehouse in Poland.

The project, for Poland’s largest convenience store chain Żabka Polskawill include a high-bay storage facility with a height of 40 m.

Carbon footprint minimised

The facility will be fully automated, and energy-efficient to reduce the centre’s carbon footprint to a minimum, according to Żabka Polska president Tomasz Suchański.

“As the centre will be of strategic importance for our chain, we have decided to participate in this project as an investor to guarantee the best possible performance standards. This logistics centre will be financially beneficial for Żabka in the years to come,” he said.

The building’s state-of-the-art technology will include automated transport and pallet bins as well as goods-to-man picking systems and the facility will be capable of dispatching approximately 5,000 cubic metres of goods per day. 

Power will be provided by photovoltaic panels and there will be a grey water treatment system to reduce water consumption.