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Savills’ app launch eases mall management in Rome centre

[Photo: Christiann Koepke, Unsplash.]

Savills’ Insights app has made its Italy debut at the Parco Leonardo shopping centre, Rome, where 98% of tenants participated in the part-digital, part-onsite launch that was necessary because of Covid restrictions.

The app enables instant, two-way communication between shopping centre stores, customers, staff and management in real time. This streamlines processes according to Mallcomm, the company behind the app.

Insights is already widely used in the UK and can be adapted to the specific needs of each location in which it is deployed. The platform also enables digital updates to be shared regarding promotions, events and centre operations and facilitates more effective cleaning, security and maintenance.

Further expected benefits include the reduction of paper-based communication and improvement in tenant engagement with the centre team.

“The traders involved will benefit from this tool on a daily basis,” said Yashar Deljoye Sabeti, head of marketing at Savills Italy.

“In a context in which, unfortunately, the contact between people must be safeguarded, we believe that an app that digitalises most of the daily and vital functions of a shopping mall is an additional help for the stores of Centro Leonardo,” he said.