RAI Coronavirus Special Report: investment & leasing transactions, capital flows, asset allocation & performance

Today, we outline our editorial approach to investment and leasing transactions, capital flows, asset allocation and performance.

The first quarter is not even over and the story within it is already one of two uneven halves: the first, the rising disquiet that most had not processed fully; and second, the abrupt realisation of the scale and severity of the global crisis.

We want to know your thoughts on:

  • For investment markets, what does the preliminary Q1 data show so far on transactional activity across Europe’s major markets (Germany, France, UK, Nordics, Spain and Italy)? What indication do you have of the volume of stalled transactions? What are your forecasts for H1?
  • For leasing transactions, we want your insights and views on: what does the preliminary Q1 data across Europe tell us so far? Are you expecting near-term break clauses to be exercised or continued? This feeds into the effectiveness of government stimulus and in relations to specific vulnerable sectors (such as retail, leisure and hospitality).
  • On capital flows, asset allocation and investment performance, we want to know: How does the current environment influence the relative value of real estate compared with other asset classes? Will unspent capital on the side-lines sit and wait out the crisis or be redirected to other perceived safe havens? Perhaps a combination of both, but which investor types are more inclined to one strategy over the other? How will market investment performance be impacted? And what effect will the anticipated lower performance have on future capital deployment into real estate, and within the sectors?

Real Asset Media is also preparing a series of video interviews and virtual briefing events focused around these topics, the first of which will be on the macro picture and speakers will be announced shortly.  

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