RAI Coronavirus Special Report: calls for insights and views on the macro context

Today, we extend an invitation to all fellow property professionals to share your views, insight, strategies and solutions. The special report will focus on 4 broad themes:

The macro context, which will analyse the respective reactions of world governments and central banks, with a focus on the US and the Federal Reserve, the European Union and the European Central Bank and the UK government and the Bank of England.

In these extraordinary times, we are proposing to engage readers differently: we are asking you directly to send us your insight, view, strategies and commentary across the 4 themes we aim to focus on. Over the coming days we will outline each, starting today with the macro context:

Macro context

This article will analyse the fiscal stimulus by governments and monetary stimulus by central banks and we want to know your thoughts on:

  • What is your view on actions taken in the US, Europe and the UK?
  • Do you think the interest rate cuts and revived QE programmes will be effective?
  • Will State-backed salaries of up to £2,500 per month by the UK government fend off large-scale redundancies?
  • The ECB was criticised for moving slowly and have since caught up, but have it done enough? Are the existing measures enough to stabilise Europe’s most vulnerable economies, Italy and Greece?
  • The Fed has won market plaudits for speed and decisive action, leading the world’s monetary response to Covid-19 pandemic. But, has the Fed now run out of road to influence markets? With interest rates at zero, is the implicit of extra QE diminished?

Real Asset Media is also preparing a series of video interviews and virtual briefing events focused around these topics, the first of which will be on the macro picture and speakers will be announced shortly.  

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 If you would like to send through editorial commentary or research for the report, please email: [email protected].

If you would like to be part of our new video conference series or would like to contribute to our ongoing video interviews (conducted via Zoom), please email: [email protected]

PR’s are very welcome to provide commentary and suggest spokespeople on behalf of their clients. Thank you for supporting this initiative.