Six out of 10 global CRE executives now acknowledge PropTech’s disruptive impact

According to the report, which is based on a global survey of 400 CRE executives, online marketplace platforms are gaining significant traction with 61% of CRE leaders saying they will have a major disruptive impact on the industry. Recent years have seen new platform-based marketplaces connecting a broad network of market participants (such as buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, lenders and borrowers, and investors and fund managers), and delivering transactional efficiencies as well as the collection and aggregation of data for the benefit of users.

Lending platforms have experienced the largest level of adoption to date with 63% of CRE firms having used an online lending marketplace for a recent transaction and 79% planning to increase use in the future.

Courteau, Chief Executive Officer, Altus Group, explains:

“CRE continues to rapidly accelerate its digital transformation and despite the growing complexity stemming from the proliferation of data, the industry is clearly shifting from a stage of ‘trial and testing’ to one of practical innovation to solve their current challenges today. At the same time, continued automation and significant PropTech consolidation will both have a major impact and deliver considerable opportunities for the industry.”

Altus Group’s CRE Innovation Report also indicates a significant majority of CRE executives (75%) say automation will eliminate jobs. This was counter-balanced with the view that automation also presents an opportunity to introduce new types of jobs within the industry (71%) and shift jobs towards higher value-add tasks (67%). While CRE leaders recognize both the impact on jobs and the short-term productivity benefits that automation can deliver, a major challenge is to anticipate how it shapes the future of the CRE workforce. 

Data usability challenges continue to intensify as a result of fragmented data sources, data duplication and heightened complexity of overall data management. CRE executives report increased challenges in a majority of key areas related to data management when compared to five years ago:

Altus’ survey highlights continue tomorrow.

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