‘EXPO REAL closes its doors today’

EXPO REAL closes its doors today after three intense days of meetings, networking, presentation and events. Real Asset Media’s International Investors’ Lounge was very busy yesterday, with 8 different events attended by a crowd of industry professionals, analysts and media.

A very busy International Investors Lounge (Nova A3.312) running a session on Senior Living

Market experts on the first panel explained that Europe is still attracting considerable capital flows from Asia and North America, which tend to focus on the continent’s winning cities.

At the Student housing, Micro-living and co-living event the panellists agreed that the current boundaries between these asset classes will disappear soon and they will all merge into one big living asset class which will continue to attract investors’ interest.

Things got technical at the Valuation of Carbon Performance panel, where experts discussed the importance of standardisation across Europe, so that the rules will be clear and buildings can be judged objectively.

Logistics has been the success story of the last few years, but the experts on the panel yesterday agreed that its run is by no means over, as investors’ appetite is still strong across Europe and the ‘lower for longer’ interest rate environment is pushing even more capital into the sector.

EXPO REAL’s host country was the focus of the Germany Investment briefing. In these uncertain times capital preservation is the priority and Germany’s safe haven status is valued by investors, who are more than willing to pay high prices just to be in the country’s leading cities.

Well-being, ESG and Sustainable Investment was the focus of the last event, which discussed the importance of the circular economy and how finally sustainability is now on all investors’ radar screens. The International Investors’ Lounge is set to host more events today.

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